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Independent Businesses

  • I will support locally-owned businesses and union workers because they help our economy the most. Locally-owned businesses are personally invested in our neighborhoods, schools, and our shared future. The 20 largest Onondaga County employers have all been in the community for more than 20 years. We can’t forget their workforce and living wage needs when trying to attract companies in clean-/nanotech, e-commerce, and global exports.

  • I will champion the promise of the County’s STEAM school, insist on prevailing wages for infrastructure projects and affordable broadband, and engage with CenterState CEO/Work Train, Urban Jobs Task Force, and the Manufacturers Association of CNY.

  • I will use negotiation skills to help manage the coordination and buy-in needed for the I-81 and 481 improvements and inland port.


  • Steady, strategic, and serious action is needed to reduce the impact of climate change. This will help us in multiple ways, and not just because it is the responsible thing to do. Keeping the climate top of mind keeps our infrastructure resilient and our (water-rich and cooler temperature) environment desirable for relocation and investment when people migrate North.

  • The Climate Action Plan needs to be dusted off, updated, and passed. 

  • Improving public transportation ridership could be a game-changer if new groups of riders are incentivized to ride our buses.

Health Across All Policies

  • Our budgets need to reflect our values and the voices of all members of our community. We need to look at what we do through a health and equity lens.

    • How are we providing access and opportunity for people with disabilities?

    • How are we supporting LGBTQ youth?

    • What are we doing to educate the community about the risks of tick-borne diseases?​​

  • Addiction, caregiving needs, mental health needs, and ticks are somewhat understood across the County and in District 10. However, the deliberate red-lining of Black residents in Onondaga County created shocking rates of concentrated poverty and segregation for Black and Hispanic residents in the City of Syracuse, not to mention maternal and infant mortality and lead exposure.

  • In the summer of 2020, following the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, a reckoning pushed us to examine the ways we unintentionally make racism operate on a daily basis. An equity lens helps us to question how we might be holding racism in place. For me, this means knowing that the City of Syracuse and the towns of the County are interdependent. We ultimately rise and fall together. 

Good Governance

  • The GOP has been in charge of the Onondaga County legislature for more than six decades. Voters want candidates who prioritize transparency, citizen engagement, and balanced debate - not protect the status quo. 

  • District 10 (most of the Town of Manlius, including Fremont, Kirkville, and the Villages of Fayetteville, Manlius and Minoa) has 6% Democratic affiliated voter advantage. There are now 30,000+ more Democrats than Republicans in Onondaga County.

  • Change is needed, change is possible, and change is coming… We need to Flip the Legislature

  • For the first time in a generation, the Democratic slate includes candidates for all seventeen County Legislator seats. We are working together to ensure we keep 6 and win at least 3 more on November 2.

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